The Petulance of Yearning

The petulance of yearning.

Let me walk this fine line

For you.

Let me not throw myself away.

For you: surrogate me.

The type of passion which depletes.

How I want to do.

WHat to do.

How I want to take your teeth in my mouth. Push your skin
down into your bones. Destroy you just so.

Use you for my pleasure.

Suck the black air out of each hair. Swish it around in my
mouth and when I smile everyone will know and never again
wonder if I’m pretty. Spit.

WHen you lay down with your legs stretched you’re not
even a man. Totally unlike sin. Totally unlike devious.
Totally unlike. Brain skin, feet. Feet there. Telling

Anxious to fuck you with a dick that I don’t have.

Electric sparks in my pussy aim to fire.
Aim to make connection. Start the engine.

You’re gentle.
Push push pull ever so softly.
I must wait and it
strikes the plexus as unfair. Unfair I scream.


I and My needs are unmet I scream.

I can have whatever I want. I will show everyone.

The petulance of yearning.

Fire me breathe

Fire me see.

Fire me know.

Where are the waters? Where are the waters?

They’re pressing behind my eyes but they’re
still too hot to quell anything.

She is lost again. She being me or

Who who is she

Who is she to you a future

She in the future.

Bad because thoughts
I want like a hungry animal I don’t know which

Not want to want I want

Cool water.

Cool river.

Easy Sunday mornings. Someone to lick my clit in the
simple way for pleasure sought and never leave my side.
Safety first. I can have that

You understand that I can have that, in three moves.

Can have that.

Hovering my foot over your neck

But seems I’d rather to want you
Whirly fuck and hold you and then you leave me again.
As always gone.

Tomboy. Tomcat. Out of grasp. One moment spike
next moment gone.

Keep me on my toes. More toes, toes

Toes toes toes.

Toes toes toes.

When will my toes leave the ground.

Desire is bitter. Sweet then bitter.

I feel your game. Tender flops. Upside down fun.

What’s wrong now I’m sad what’s wrong now I’m sad.

Uh oh I don’t know why what’s wrong anyway.

What’s the problem now I’m sad.

Fuck fuck. Fuck yourself yourself already.

I have more memories than I need already.