Praise for Botte di Ferro:

“Ben Gassman invited me to preview a run-through rehearsal of his new play, Botte di Ferro . . .directed by Tara Elliott and starring (the inimitable) Jess Barbagallo as “Him” and (the incomparable) Layla Khoshnoudi as “Her”  . . .  To be fair, both actors deserve profiles of their own (on this show and both of their ever-deepening artistry) . . . But while their curiosity, rigor, interrogation of perspective, and mindful skepticism of industry protocols may have factored into interest in a site-specific project off the (pre-pandemic) beaten path, it is their stage dynamic and magnetic connection that is worth the price of admission. They are asked by the script to carry the show, and they do it handily . . . Add in the meta-thrill that is Jess Barbagallo playing the romantic male lead (Barbagallo is trans-masculine) alongside Khoshnoudi (she/non-) playing the female, and everything just feels right in the universe for a split second. … “ – Frank Bourdreaux, CultureBot

I loved loved this play [Botte di Ferro] . . . by Ben Gassman . . . dir by Tara Elliot . . . blow away performances – perfect. – Eileen Myles, Instagram

Praise for Dido of Idaho:

“Abby Rosebrock’s morbidly charming “Dido of Idaho” at Ensemble Studio Theater . . . Under Mikhaela Mahony’s direction . . . the wonderfully inelegant Ms. Khosh — is a delight.” – Maya Phillips, New York Times

Praise for The Offending Gesture:

“Mac Wellman’s experimental plays tend to go by in a mystifying blur, and “The Offending Gesture” at the Connelly Theater is no exception . . . Hitler, here called Noble Wolf (which is what “Adolf” means), is played hilariously by Layla Khoshnoudi with a combination of stridency and idiocy that would fit a lot of world leaders, then and now . . . Mr. Wellman’s eclectic works are often hard to penetrate, but Meghan Finn, the director, has gotten the most out of this one.” – Neil Genzlinger, New York Times

Praise for My Daughter Keeps Our Hammer:

“Brian Watkins shows a dizzying level of control in his ghoulish, Plains-gothic My Daughter Keeps Our Hammer—a short, nasty thriller of riveting literary quality . . . Exquisitely timed throwaway humor by a dazzling Khoshnoudi . . . Director Taymor minimizes the theatrics (a shadow on a curtain, a candle guttering out), but the more she mutes things, the better we hear Watkins’s loud new theatrical voice.” – Helen Shaw, Time Out New York

Praise for Nobody’s Girl:

“Nobody’s Girl by Rick Viede is a classic NJ Rep play . . . the fantastic cast is led by Layla Khoshnoudi as Currah who appears so natural in this role that it hardly appears she is acting at all.She has been seen on New York stages in productions such as Men on Boats (Clubbed Thumb), Wyoming (Lesser America), Engagements (Ensemble Studio Theater), and My Daughter Keeps Our Hammer (The Flea). Layla is wonderful in a role that truly creates a disturbing universe for her to explore.”   – Gary Wein, New Jersey Stage

Praise for Wyoming:

“Brian Watkins’s “Wyoming,” in which a family’s Thanksgiving is jolted by the arrival of a surprise guest … Mr. Watkins notes in his script that the actors should belong to the same age group, “preferably late 20s to early 30s,” … This is a gamble, and it pays off beautifully with Ms. Khoshnoudi, whose Sarah is a funny, pitch-perfect child.”- Laura Collins-Hughes, New York Times