FBI, 2019

Alicia Barnes (Data Analyst)

CBS’ take on “Undisclosed”: “When a board member of a soon-to-be-public medical tech company is murdered, the team tries to find out who had the most to gain from his death. Also, OA is conflicted when pressure to help a family member is at odds with his commitment to tell the truth. Guest stars: Erinn Ruth (Corrine Baker); Faran Tahir (Ravi Sharma); Taylor Anthony Miller (Kelly Moran); Andrew Rothenberg (Tommy Ward); Michael Abbott Jr. (Jack Shelby); Andre Blake (Robert Cabot); Bryce Romero (Luke Wagnor); Tom Kemnitz Jr. (Wallace Bixby); Gabrielle Lee (Sheryl Cabot); Donnie Keshawarz (Yousef); Amy Staats (Rachel Ward); Katharine Chin (Waiter); Chavonne Marie Rogers (Bartender); John Mazurek (Mark Wagnor); J. Paul Nicholas (Detective Adams); Shelley Thomas-Harts (Agent Jane Cisneros); Matthew Jacob (Bouncer); Zack Calderon (Daniel Garcia); Layla Khosh (Alicia Barnes).”